Tested Spring

Compression Springs (conical and progressive)

Automotive/rail (suspension, valves etc.)
Formula One (electronic switching)
Guns (pistons, trigger etc.)
Pharmaceutical machinery
Disability (many for both manual and electric wheelchairs)
Industrial presses
Off road vehicles
Motorbike forks and suspension
Piston glands

Tension/Extension Springs (including loose hooks)

Security (latch return springs)
Power generation (return spring in electricity generation using wave power)
Horsebox doors
Low loader ramps
Record players (return mechanism)
Disability (safety critical cut off switching)
Steam train valves
Throttle return springs (Le Mans)
Scales (balance)

Torsion Springs

Wheelchair brakes
Access panels for large water treatment facilities
Gate return mechanisms
Carb return springs for racing applications
Motorbikes (kick start)
Tailgate Springs

Die Springs

Moulding (ejector pins)
Commercial vehicle
(stabilising applications)
Limited Space Applications

Leaf Springs

  • Automotive/rail (suspension)

Scroll/Clock Springs

  • Drum reels for cranes
  • Pillar drill return springs
  • Clocks
  • Brush Springs

Washers Springs

  • Presses
  • Braking (double coil washers)
  • Split washers
  • Mild steel rings

Wire Forms Springs

  • Retaining clips for rail tracks
  • Retaining clips for notice boards
  • Any application catered for

Disc Springs

  • Presses
  • Valves

Clips/Pressings Springs

  • Locking mechanisms for drain covers
  • Walking stick clips
  • Small flat springs

Volute Springs

  • Steam train buffers
  • Lift shaft buffers

We make springs from a variety of materials, material sections and wire sizes and in many spring sizes and finishes.

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